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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First thoughts on Law School & Solemn Declaration

Excerpt from a message to my dear friend Ian:

Law school is grueling! I do not recommend it to anyone with a right mind.

The sheer volume of assigned readings is nothing but cruel and unusual punishment (US 8th amendment)

Although the professors' switching of language of instruction from Latin to English to French in the same sentence and sometimes in languages that seem foreign to this universe is definitely not a bona fide
occupational requirement, it is used profusely. (normes du travail)

The socrates method employed during class is certainly not done in good faith (art. 6 CCQ)

And the extremely bright and intelligent students that always find a way to phrase their questions in order to make the rest look dumb are, frankly, not abiding to their general obligations of care according to civil liability (art. 1457 CCQ)

As you can see, I am also already being indoctrinated (not to say brainwashed) in this mysterious, exclusive club up on the upper campus of an apparently 'top 20 in the world' institution, reading 18th century English constitutional texts, legal acts retelling the divisions, sub-divisions, reunifications and further divisions of this country and of course analyzing court cases... not knowing exactly why, how, where, when and what....

However, I am embracing it completely with a mindset apparent of that of a 2 year old that generally has a vocabulary of 50 words and can only make simple sentences. This means my legal vocabulary is rather limited at this point. Everything is novel, curious, challenging and, more importantly, interesting.

I am feeling that I am in for a treat. A gift of wisdom from my peers and professors who are all supremely clever and dedicated individual. I am receiving a gift that opens doors, procures certain powers and generates possible riches.

What am I in it for? Well a bit of everything, a bit of nothing. I am not sure a law student can answer this question honestly and adequately.

But I now know that I am at the right place.

So, with this, let me make a formal declaration:

I hereby declare, that no matter what happens from now on, I, Joel Kwan, will still be the same Joel Kwan when I become a lawyer. My friends will be friends, my family family and my heart will be at the same place (that is, the right place).


  1. i'll print your declaration and use it agains't u in case of change >.< would u sign it for me?

  2. Hey good luck with law school! You'll do fine! Like were made for law school! It is a no-brainer!